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Ubuntu User Days

The Ubuntu User Days event is quickly approaching!

The schedule for Saturday (and into early Sunday), July 10th-11th is as follows, time in UTC:

Time Subject Presenter(s)
09:30 Introduction to User Day Nigel Babu,
Chris Johnston &
Elizabeth Krumbach
10:00 Basic Ubuntu Installation and Setup Zach Kriesse
11:00 Partitioning 101 Alan Bell
12:00 Using Ubuntu One Shrinivasan
13:00 Gnome-Do Caspar Clemens Mierau
14:00 Package Management Basics Sense Hofstede
15:00 Ubuntu Equivalent Programs Leandro Gómez
16:00 Getting involved in the Ubuntu Community Martin Owens
17:00 Finding Helpful Resources Jeremy Pallats
18:00 Command Line Basics Part 1 Brandon Holtsclaw
19:00 Command Line Basics Part 2 Mark Cox
20:00 What is a kernel, and why do i need it? Jeremy Foshee
21:00 Accessibility Features & Programs Penelope Stowe
22:00 Using IRC Mackenzie Morgan
23:00 Trusted Software, Where to find it, and why Paul Tagliamonte
00:00 Using Launchpad Draycen DeCator
01:00 Desktop Environments: Gnome, KDE, XFCE David Wonderly &
Elizabeth Krumbach
02:00 Choosing hardware that works with Ubuntu Mathieu Trudel

So join us in #ubuntu-classroom (moderated session channel) and #ubuntu-classroom-chat (open chat and question channel for each session) on

For more information about participating, check out the User Days wiki page and How To Participate. Lernid may also be used for this event, and can be easily installed in Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 by installing the “lernid” package in Universe with your favorite package installer.

Beyond the User stage? Stay tuned for details about the next Ubuntu Developer Week, being hosted just after User Days, from July 12 through the 16th.

Introduction to C# Classes

The Ubuntu Classroom team is happy to welcome juju2143 to do a series of Introduction to C# classes in the coming days.

Wednesday, 23 June @ 20:00 UTC: Introduction to C#: Sesssion 1

Thursday, 24 June @ 20:00 UTC: Introduction to C#: Sesssion 2

Friday, 25 June @ 20:00 UTC: Introduction to C#: Sesssion 3

So join us in #ubuntu-classroom on with your questions and inquisitive mind!

For more upcoming scheduled classes, be sure to check out the Classroom Calendar.

Packaging Training: Patch Reviewers Team and Operation Cleansweep

Hold tight for another Packaging Training session. This time it’s going to be David Futcher (bobbo) and Daniel Holbach (dholbach) who will talk about what the Patch Reviewers Team is doing and what they’re trying to achieve with Operation Cleansweep.

Be part of the awesome initiative, put this time into your calendar:

This is an EXCELLENT way to get involved if you’re not afraid of having a look and patches and getting in touch with others about them. If you can’t make it, we’ll have logs up for grabs later on.

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