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Packaging Training: Patch Review and Operation Cleansweep

Just in time for the Patch Reviewers’ Hug Day Daniel Holbach will give a session about Patch Review and Operation Cleansweep in #ubuntu-classroom on Make sure you put 12th August, 12:00 UTC in your calendar.

There will be logs later on if you really can’t make it. Hope to see you there and hope to see you helping out later on. 😀

Launchpad GPG Basics class

This Saturday we welcome Zach Kriesse for a class on Launchpad GPG Basics. You will need to create a launchpad account for this class, but Zach will cover describing what GPG is and how to use it with launchpad, including accompanying documenation on the subject. Bring your questions!

Date and time: Saturday, 7th August, 16:00 UTC

Location:#ubuntu-classroom (questions/comments in #ubuntu-classroom-chat) on

Slides will accompany this presentation and will be posted in channel at the beginning of the session and linked in the channel topic.

If you are unable to attend the session, logs will be available afterwards.

Packaging Training: Fixing small bugs in Ubuntu

Did you ever struggle with a small bug in Ubuntu? You know what the problem is because you know your way around sufficiently, but you want to get the source from somewhere, fix it, package it up and get it into Ubuntu? PERFECT!

Daniel Holbach will give a session on exactly that topic on 5th August, 6:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom on Mark it in your calendars. If you can’t make it, logs will be available later on.

Please bring: excitement and questions.

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