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Ubuntu Developer Week

Woohoo! It’s Ubuntu Developer Week again.  From Monday 28th February until Friday 4th March, the Ubuntu classroom will be hosting the Ubuntu Developer Week.

If you haven’t been to an Ubuntu Developer Week yet, no problem. This is how it works: it is a week full of one-hour sessions on IRC, where various topics around Ubuntu development are presented, sometimes in the form of talks, sometimes in the form of seminars, where instructions for hands-on training are given over IRC. It all happens in #ubuntu-classroom on

As always we have a great line-up of speakers and sessions, here’s a few examples of what we are going to talk about:

  • Getting Started with Ubuntu Development, how to use Ubuntu Distributed Development, how to get changes into Ubuntu, how to make changes in stable releases, how to collaborate with Debian, getting new apps into Ubuntu, …
  • Rocking with Unity: fixing bitesize bugs in Unity, how to write compiz plugins, rocking out with libunity, …
  • Lots of development goodness: Ubuntu One App Programme, hooking in Ubuntu translations, writing IRC bots, using Zeitgeist, what’s new in ubuntu-dev-tools, project lightning talks, how to use TestDrive …
  • Get up to speed on what’s new in Ubuntu natty: Unity 2D, Q&A with Ubuntu Engineering Director, ARM and OMAP4, …
  • Lots of other good stuff: helping out the LoCo Directory, hacking with Django, how to get better bug reports, boto EC2 Cloud API, using Launchpad’s Daily Builds, …

This is going to be very awesome. If you’re interested in Ubuntu Development, make sure you are there. (If you can’t make it, we’ll publish logs afterwards.)

This time we’re also having something special with Project Lightning Talks where people will present cool projects that they’ve done.  We still have open spots!  If you’ve built something interesting, add your name and project to the end of this list.

All the info you need:

Q and A with Allison Randall, Ubuntu Technical Architect

In continuation with the ongoing series of Q and A the classroom has been hosting, today (February 18, 2011) at 5:30pm UTC, Allison Randall, the Ubuntu Technical Architect will be answering your questions.  Drop by in #ubuntu-classroom on from an IRC client or through webchat.  Don’t forget to join #ubuntu-classroom-chat to ask your questions.

Ubuntu User Days, a success!

From Saturday, 23rd, to Sunday, the 24th of January, we hosted the Maverick User Days with great success!

Many thanks to all the instructors who took time out of their weekend to present a session.  Thanks for the instructors who were called upon to change their session time or do one altogether to fill in for instructors who were unavailable.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended, and everyone who asked questions during the sessions.

If you missed a session you wanted to catch, the logs from all the sessions are available on the wiki.

In case you attended and haven’t filled it out our survey, please fill it out!

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