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IRC Operator Training Classes

Last week the IRC Council announced they’d be hosting a couple IRC Operator Training Classes.

Today instructor instructor Miia Ranta (Myrtti) led the first class of this series on Introduction to being an IRC operator

Logs for that session are now available online here.

Next week, on Thursday, August 2nd at 13:00 UTC they’ll be hosting the next class, A grand tour of the channels and bots presented by Lorenzo J. Lucchini (LJL). Just like the first, this will be held in #ubuntu-classroom on (#ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions).

Everyone is welcome to attend, and the IRC Council notes that they “would be delighted to have a strong attendance for these sessions, particularly from those operators who are new this cycle.”

Lernid testing session: Monday July 30th @ 17:00 UTC

This upcoming Monday, July 30th at 17:00 UTC we will be hosting a testing session for latest updates and improvements to the Lernid classroom application.

Major improvements include:

  • Several bug fixes
  • Lernid keeping up with calendar changes
  • Links to IRC logs from the calendar

The repo we will be testing is at and John S. Gruber will walk participants through the steps of installing this version.

So join us to help test by coming to #ubuntu-classroom on (#ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions) this Monday!

Ubuntu Developer Week Planning starts

Ubuntu Developer Week

From Tue 28th Aug to Thu 30th Aug we will have another action-packed Ubuntu Developer Week. As we still have a couple of weeks until it’s happening, we invite everybody who wants to speak about Ubuntu Development or packaging or general hacking techniques which might of interest to aspiring developers is welcome to join in.

If you want to demo just a cool new tool or speak about a shorter topic, we have 30 minute slots available too. Just head to the UDW planning page and add yourself.

A few ideas for the uninspired:

  • Getting your fix into Ubuntu: common pitfalls
  • What’s a debian/watch file good for?
  • Porting your code to Python 3
  • pkgme and what it can do for you
  • UDD, quilt and bzr and how to make the most of it
  • Using autopkgtest and jenkins for fun and profit
  • Demo: fixing bugs
  • Demo: updating packages to a new upstream version
  • Demo: getting stable release updates right
  • Writing safe C code
  • <and lots more…>

Just grab one of the above or think of your own session topic idea and add it to the timetable.

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