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Installing a LAMP server class

This Wednesday we’re welcoming Phillip Whiteside (phillw) for a class which will walk you through installation of a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server, adding on phpmyadmin and a short discussion on PHP magic-quotes.

Date and time: 28nd July, 18:00 UTC

Location:#ubuntu-classroom (questions/comments in #ubuntu-classroom-chat) on

Slides will accompany this presentation and will be posted in channel at the beginning of the session and linked in the channel topic.

If you are unable to attend the session, logs will be available afterwards.

Packaging Training: Working with Debian BTS for (not only) Ubuntu Contributors

For our next Packaging Training Session, Rhonda, a Debian Developer, will explain how to work with the Debian Bug Tracking System (BTS). To quote an email from Rhonda:

I will try to cover basic usage like querying the web interface, reporting new bugs and also more deeper handling of bugs, including version tracking issues, and will try to address raised questions as good as possible.

The session will take place on 22nd July, 18:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom (questions/comments in #ubuntu-classroom-chat) on If you are unable to attend the session, logs will be available afterwards.

We would also like to remind everyone that we would love to be able to make these sessions available to users who might not be fluent in English. To do this, we need people to volunteer to help serve as translators. There is information on the wiki page along with a short list of people who have volunteered to help translate. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to the ubuntu-classroom mailing list or stop by #ubuntu-classroom-backstage on

Ubuntu Developer Week Wrap Up

Ubuntu Developer week finished on Friday and Daniel Holbach wrote a series of posts reviewing each day and linking to all the logs:

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and if you’re itching for more development classroom goodness, be sure to attend Rhonda’s session “Working with Debian BTS for (not only) Ubuntu Contributors” on Thursday, July 22 at 18:00 UTC.

EDIT: If you were able to attend, please take a moment to check out the event survey, so we can make the event even better next time!

Ubuntu User Days Wrap-Up

We hosted our second Ubuntu User Days event this past Saturday-Sunday and it was a wonderful success!

Thanks to all our valued instructors who took time out of their weekend to present for us.

Thanks for the instructors who were called upon to either extend their session or do one altogether to fill in for instructors who were unavailable.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended, and everyone who asked questions during the sessions.

If you missed a session you wanted to catch, the logs from all the sessions are available on the wiki, and here:

And don’t forget, Ubuntu Developer Week is going on this week! Check the wiki for the schedule.

Ubuntu Developer Week

In just five years, Ubuntu has become the most popular Linux distribution in the world with millions of users. Ever wondered how Ubuntu development works? How to get involved yourself? Find out from July 12th 2010 to July 16th 2010!

The sessions will happen in #ubuntu-classroom and chat in #ubunt-classroom-chat on Check out UbuntuDeveloperWeek/JoiningIn for more info.

Almost any questions you might have are answered in the session details.

The schedule is as follows (all times in UTC):

Monday, 12th of July

Time Subject Presenter(s)
16:00 Getting Started with Development (1) dholbach
17:00 Getting Started with Development (2) dholbach
18:00 Widgetcraft apachelogger
19:00 Desktop Team overview seb128
20:00 Authoring upstart jobs slangasek

Tuesday, 13th of July

16:00 Packaging like a Ninja shadeslayer
17:00 I Don’t Know Anything About Translations dpm
18:00 Developing with Qt Quick and QML Riddell
19:00 How to work with Debian Laney & Rhonda
20:00 Setting up a small validation dashboard zyga

Wednesday, 14th of July

16:00 Operation Cleansweep – reviewing patches nigelbabu
17:00 Forwarding bugs and patches upstream pedro_
18:00 Daily Builds and You jorge
19:00 Making your application shine with application indicators tedg
20:00 Kernel Triage JFo

Thursday, 15th of July

16:00 Create an application for Ubuntu with Quickly didrocks
17:00 Improving Ubuntu In An Evening vish
18:00 Contribute to Ubuntu Server, do Server Papercuts! ttx
19:00 How to help with Xubuntu charlie-tca
20:00 Merge proposals: life on the sunny side beuno

Friday, 16th of July

16:00 Django and you (1) mhall119
17:00 Django and you (2) mhall119
18:00 Adopt-An-Upstream jorge
19:00 How to help with Edubuntu highvoltage
20:00 Me, myself & QA warp10, gaspa, BlackZ
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