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Packaging Training: Preparing Security Updates

We’re very happy to announce the next Packaging Training session. This time we’ll have somebody from the unstoppable Security Team explain us how Security updates are prepared.

Marc Deslauriers has done a fantastic job on Security updates and if you’re interested in joining the effort, be sure not to miss this session. It’ll start at 27th May, 18:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom on

Packaging Training: Packaging and MOTU Q&A

Last week, we wrapped up the month of April with a session about Fixing small bugs in Ubuntu by Daniel Holbach. We are now starting up the month of May with another Packaging Training Session by Daniel Holbach. This time, Daniel will be holding a Packaging and MOTU Q&A in #ubuntu-classroom on at 6th May, 06:00 UTC. So be sure to join and get your questions answered.

As a note, we are looking for people interested in leading Packaging Training Sessions. If you are interested, please contact a member of the Packaging Training Coordinators Team.

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