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Ubuntu QA sessions for Saucy!

The QA / testing team are the ‘sharp end’ of ensuring each release is a good release. It is a busy area, but one where a sense of humour is needed.

The team test, update and write test cases to ensure each release is better than the last. Our results get fed into ensuring bugs are not only found, but resolved..

Following on from the 1st sessions we held in Raring. We learned a lot from the questions asked and updated the wiki area etc.

But, for someone coming into testing for the first time, this can seem an impossible hill to climb…. we’re happy to say it’s not! New people coming into test is one of the most important things for this team. We can only explain and update our wiki areas, improve on how they link to each other write and update test cases with YOUR input.

As such, each cycle, we hold a series of classroom sessions over the next couple weeks; each building on the questions that new people asked last time.

These new Classroom sessions may seem a blur of so much information at one time, but do not fear. The sessions are fully logged and have wiki pages linked to them. You are always more than welcome to ask on either the ubuntu-quality email list, the IRC channel #ubuntu-quality or even contact the tutor(s) of the classroom session directly when you have questions.

Remember: In testing, there is no such thing a dumb question, it is more a case of us not having explained it better / made the link to answer better.

The details of the classroom sessions and what you need to get the best out of them can be found at (Note: all times in UTC).

We look forward to seeing you there.


QA / Testing / Bugs / Release Teams.

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