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Ubuntu Open Week Wrap-up

This week from May 21st-22nd the Ubuntu community celebrated the development full swing of Saucy Salamander by giving community members a glimpse into several of the teams that build Ubuntu during Ubuntu Open Week!


Logs from all the sessions available here:


Tue 21 May

Wed 22 May

1300 UTC

Ubuntu Touch Teamsergiusens

How to contribute to the Ubuntu Touch Core Appsdpm

1400 UTC

Lubuntu Teamphillw

Ubuntu Development Teamdholbach

1500 UTC

Ubuntu LoCo Teamscoolbhavi, SergioMeneses

Ubuntu Kernel Teamjsalisbury

1600 UTC

Ubuntu Quality Teamballoons

Ask Mark!sabdfl (Hosted by philipballew)

1700 UTC

Ubuntu Women Teampleia2

Ubuntu News Teamakgraner

Thanks to our coordinator, José Antonio Rey, and all of our classroom volunteers, instructors and participates!

Ubuntu Open Week for Raring: Almost Here!


In just nine years, Ubuntu has become one of the most popular Linux distributions in the world with millions of users and a thriving community. Ever wondered what all the fuss is about? How have we achieved such a great feat in such a short space of time? Here’s where you can find out. Ubuntu Open Week is a week of IRC tuition and Q+A sessions all about getting involved in the rock-and-roll world that is the Ubuntu community. We organise this week for the beginning of a new release cycle to help new contributors get involved.

Ubuntu Open Week takes place in #ubuntu-classroom on (#ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions), on May 20th-21st, from 13 to 18 UTC each day. We will be having people from different teams in, such as the Quality team, the Development team, the News team, and more! We are also going to have an “Ask Mark!” session with Mark Shuttleworth, the Ubuntu Community founder!

During the “Ask Mark!” session, community members are invited to ask Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) questions about the Ubuntu project. You will ask your questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat with the prefix QUESTION: and philipballew will be selecting specific questions to pass along to Mark in the main #ubuntu-classroom channel.

To check out the full schedule and learn more about the event, visit the Ubuntu Open Week page on the Ubuntu wiki (we’re finishing to nail the schedule!)

We hope to see you there! But if not, as always, logs will be available after each session, and linked to the schedule at the end of each day.

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