Ubuntu Open Week for Trusty: Call for Instructors


So it’s this time of the year again! As the end of the current cycle approaches, the Ubuntu Classroom Team is starting the planning of the next Ubuntu Open Week, for the Trusty cycle.

The Ubuntu Open Week is a series of classroom sessions which will guide many people in their way for contributing to the Ubuntu community. For this, we need actual Ubuntu contributors from different teams to help us run one-hour sessions, explaning what you do on the team you currently work on, as well as how to get started working on the team. We have three days with 5 one-hour slots each, making it 15 slots in total. The event is scheduled to run from 15 to 20 UTC, from the 22nd to the 24th April.

If you are interested in running a session, please send an email to myself (jose at ubuntu.com), ubuntu-classroom at lists.ubuntu.com, or let us know on IRC at the #ubuntu-classroom-backstage channel on irc.freenode.net. Logs from out past Open Week can be found here. Please, make sure to give the link to this announcement to anyone who may be interested in running a session. Thank you for your interest!

About José Antonio Rey

Just a random Ubuntu Community member.

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