Ask Mark & Ubuntu Open Week Day 1

On Tuesday, May 1st, the Ubuntu Classroom hosted our bi-annual “Ask Mark” session.

Logs are available here.

A few articles have popped up covering the session, including:

On Wednesday, May 2nd, we kicked off Ubuntu Open Week where we had the following sessions (click topic for link to full sessions logs):

Ubuntu Open Week continues Thursday, May 3rd, at 13:00 UTC with: Submitting your apps to the Ubuntu Software Centre, Ubuntu Development – how it all works, Ubuntu Development – fixing bugs, Starting, Maintaining & Expanding Ubuntu Hours and Ubuntu Brainstorm – great ideas to improve Ubuntu

2 responses to “Ask Mark & Ubuntu Open Week Day 1”

  1. wantingflash says :

    There’s always new things coming to Ubuntu. I like because it lists the newest software first.

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