Developer Week: Summary Day 1, Outlook Day 2

Day 1 of Ubuntu Developer Week is over and what a fantastic day it was. Logs up are up at the UDW page, so go and check them out if you couldn’t make it yesterday.

Let’s take a look at what happened yesterday:

  1. Introduction to Ubuntu developmentdholbach
    Around 340 people showed up for the session and we had a great time together. Lots of very sharp questions were asked and lots of excitement about Ubuntu in general, but also development in particular. Check it out if you are interested in the topic as well.
  2. Getting set up for Ubuntu developmentdholbach
    Daniel explained how to install all the necessary tools, how to set them up and how to connect yourself with Launchpad. We got through all of the instructions in a breeze and still had time for heaps of questions. Excellent!
  3. Ubuntu Technology overviewmhall119
    Indicators, lenses, scopes, APIs, Michael Hall got the best out of half an hour by explaining everything to tightly integrate your app or code in general with Ubuntu technologies. Great work.
  4. What’s new in Edubuntuhighvoltage
    Jonathan Carter gave a fun session about Edubuntu, the Ubuntu flavour for schools. Its history, where it’s different from standard Desktop Ubuntu, what’s new and what makes it a fun project to work on.
  5. Ubuntu TV – what’s whatSaviq & mhall119
    As expected this session got lots and lots of questions. Read the log for yourself, if you are interested in Ubuntu on TVs – Michał Sawicz and Michael Hall gave a great overview over how it works and answers almost all the questions you might have yourself. 🙂
  6. Testability and Qt – Intro to automated UX testing for Qt appsgreyback
    Do you like the feeling of having your code covered and a good feeling about how well it works? You do UI development and use Qt? Check out this session because Gerry Bolland went into great detail about how to even test User Experience aspects through automated tests.
  7. Unity Lenses!davidcalle & mhr3
    You could see that David Callé and Michal Hruby put quite a bit of effort into this session. They put together a bunch of examples together on how you can add great content to Unity’s Lenses with  little amount of work. Go check it out, you’re going to love it.
  8. QA: Automated Testing and Jenkinshggdh
    Carlos de Avillez was up next and talked us through Ubuntu’s automated testing infrastructure. The session was well done and explained everything in great detail. As Ubuntu is putting more and more energy into testing and general QA, this was a great session to get started with testing and making use of the infrastructure.
  9. Packaging Do’s and Don’tsSpamapS
    Clint Byrum shared his wealth of experience in a nicely condensed session with lots of good information and at the same time answered lots of questions. Great work!
  10. Incorporating upstream changes in Ubuntucyphermox
    The last session of the day was all about cooperation between Ubuntu and upstreams and how and when to import fixes from Upstream. Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre presented a lot of excellent examples to fix bugs, which should be a great starting point for everyone who wants to improve Ubuntu and work well with other projects.

What a lot of excellent content. What a huge amount of great people and great questions.

The good thing is, there’s more. Here’s what day 2 has for us:

  • 15:00 UTC: Bringing your app to Ubuntu — dpm
    To bring your software into Ubuntu, you historically had to work very closely with the Ubuntu developers to make it part of the platform. With the new Ubuntu App Developer Programme this has gotten easier and David Planella has all the details for you.
  • 16:00 UTC: How to update a package to the latest upstream version in the repositories — coolbhavi
    Ubuntu is interested in representing the great work which other projects have done. As part of this effort, we update to new versions of their software regularly. Bhavani Shankar will demonstrate how this is done in the easiest fashion.
  • 17:00 UTC: Charming Juju — m_3
    Deploying services is hard, right? Mark Mims will show you the opposite. As part of his work on Juju he has solved many of the common problems and deploying services into whatever scenario you have has become a breeze. This session will show you how to write charms for Juju.
  • 18:00 UTC: Running the development release — Effenberg0x0 & Cariboo907
    Afraid of running the development release and running into problems all the time? There’s no reason for this: Alvaro Leal and Jim Kielman will show you the alternatives for trying out the latest development release in a safe environment. This is a great way to experience the newest Ubuntu, test it and develop on it.
  • 18:30 UTC: Working with Debian — tumbleweed
    Debian is the most important upstream project we work with. Stefano Rivera has long been involved in both Debian and Ubuntu. This means that he can easily show you how you can most easily work on Ubuntu and make sure that both projects benefit.
  • 19:00 UTC: Ubuntu Distributed Development — barry
    The Open Source world is complicated. There’s thousands of projects with lots of contributors. There’s different development focuses, different timelines and goals. To not get confused and still get our work done, we use Ubuntu Distributed Development, which makes merging changes very easy. Barry Warsaw will take you on a ride.
  • 20:00 UTC: Working in Debian — Laney
    To make Ubuntu benefit from your code, it is sometimes the best to get your contribution into Debian first. Iain Lane has worked in both Debian and Ubuntu and give you the details on how it all works.
  • 20:30 UTC: Starting with HTML/CSS — benonsoftware
    Ben Donald-Wilson is a hero. For this session he will not only get up very early, but it’s also his birthday. Talk about dedication! Attend this session for sharing your birthday wishes and also get an introduction on using HTML and CSS. Awesome!
  • 21:00 UTC: Fixing small bugs in Unity — Trevinho and andyrock
    The last session of the day will be held by two Italian guys who worked on Unity a lot, Andrea Azzarone and Marco Trevisan. If you always wanted to get involved in making Unity even better, attend this session and learn how to fix small bugs.

Everyone: enjoy it! 🙂

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5 responses to “Developer Week: Summary Day 1, Outlook Day 2”

  1. Dave Murray says :

    Will you please offer a distro that has no trace of Unity? My friends are dumping Ubuntu and going back to Debian because of Unity. I’ve met nobody that likes it. If the time comes that I must upgrade from 10.10, I will go back to Debian too.

    • dholbach says :

      If you seriously don’t like it, there are many alternatives within Ubuntu already. How can you demand software being ripped out of Ubuntu? It works for many others and I certainly enjoy it.

      Also probably the wrong place for this. This is the blog of the team who organise training sessions.

    • Wep Raiko says :

      I’m continue with Unity, is better usually for work. Stop complaining, are improving Ubuntu for make more people who use.

      • Dave Murray says :

        Funny, “stop complaining.” I had to put 11.10 on a machine that I was setting up at work because 10.10 didn’t work with the ethernet card that the new hardware had. The users wanted to shoot me.

        In an engineering environment people don’t like wasting time adjusting to change that offers no improvement. I wrote scripts for them to do everything important, but for things that they want to do with the GUI, Unity has gotten me nothing but complaints.

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