Ubuntu Developer Week: Summary Day 5

Ubuntu Developer WeekWhat a fantastic Ubuntu Developer Week it was again. Lots of great sessions, lots of people, lots of good questions and lots of excitement.

I’m already looking forward to the next one and also to seeing more of all the new people who showed up this time!

Let’s go through the last sessions of Oneiric’s UDW one by one:

  • Fixing bugs in compiz – As Sam Spilsbury lives in Australia, he got up very very early for this session (or stayed up very long). This seemed to have no effect on his ability to give an interesting and fun session though. Apart from his love for vegetarian food we learned also learned about Compiz, how to debug it and how to get involved and fix bugs.
  • Helping develop the Ubuntu Websites – Michael Hall was up next and talked us through a selection of Ubuntu Websites that make use of Django and are maintained as a team effort. One example was the LoCo Directory which is very easy to get involved with.
  • Bug Triage Class – Carlos de-Avillez and Pedro Villavicencio are quite the double act. They’re not just fun to listen to, but they also did a great job explaining how to make sense of a huge mass of bug reports, how to stay productive and how to get in touch with the team.
  • Lubuntu Development – Phill Whiteside works with the Lubuntu team on bringing LXDE goodness to Ubuntu. Phill put together a quick presentation that should make it easy to understand what Lubuntu is doing, what the plans are and how to get involved.
  • Project Lightning Talks – Continuing our good tradition of Project Lightning Talks we had great fun again and had quick presentations of devscripts and ubuntu-dev-tools, Melia, tomboy-pastebinit and ibid. Also the idea of reverse lightning talks was discussed, so watch this space to find out what we’re going to come up with next time.

I had a fantastic time through out the week! Thanks a lot everyone for participating, for helping out and giving your sessions! I hope you had as much fun as I did, you made some new friends and learned something new. See you next time around! 🙂

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