Ubuntu Developer Week: Summary Day 4 – Outlook Day 5

Ubuntu Developer Week
Ubuntu Developer Week will have its last day today. They always pass too fast, but the good thing is: we have all the sessions recorded in logs and there’ll be another UDW next cycle.

Yesterday was another fantastic day with loads of action in a set of very diverse sessions.

Let’s go through them one by one:

  • From idea to app in no time with QML – Olivier Tilloy started the day with an excellent session about how to use QML. He had written a small application from scratch and by going through the revisions of the code showed how small code changes immediately and very easily result in great new functionality.
  • Deploy your App to the cloud, Writing Ensemble formulas 101 – Next up was Ahmed Kamal who also picked a small but very powerful example to showcase the power of Ensemble. Just a few simple commands and you not only deploy Drupal but also keep it scalable very easily. Awesome!
  • Fixing common ARM build failures – Jani Monoses had the next slot and talked about compiling code on the ARM architecture. It was nice to see that it’s sometimes only small things in the code that need to change so you make the package not only build on i386 and amd64, but also on ARM. Way to go!
  • nux – visual rendering in UIs made easy – Graphics mastermind Jay Taoko talked us through nux and how it is used in Unity currently to very easily render graphics without having to dive too deep into OpenGL. It’s very elegant and a lot of fun. Jay was a lot of fun too and explained how Ubuntu worked for him having a Windows background.
  • Java library packaging with maven-debian-helper – James Page took the last slot of the day gave a very informative overview over Java library packaging. It’s clear from the session that it’s not really as daunting as you might think it is. Read the log and find out how you can help James with Java packages.

We’re all a bit sad, but here’s what will happen today, the last day of this Ubuntu Developer Week

  • 16:00 UTC: Fixing bugs in compiz – Sam Spilsbury will lead the first session and explain how to get involved with compiz. It’s a lot of fun and there’s something simple and easy for everybody to get started with.
  • 17:00 UTC: Helping develop the Ubuntu WebsitesNigel Babu and Michael Hall are two of many folks who work on Ubuntu Websites such as loco.ubuntu.com. Over time a team grew and worked on common foundations for ubuntu.com sites which make it much easier nowadays. Find out more and get involved!
  • 18:00 UTCBug Triage ClassCarlos de-Avillez and Pedro Villavicencio will give you a great introduction on how to work with bugs effectively. We all try to keep them under control, but these two men are not only a great team together, but also have lots of experience.
  • 19:00 UTCLubuntu DevelopmentNext up is Phill Whiteside who will talk us through Lubuntu, what it is and what the next steps are. It was just made official a few months ago, but it already has lots of interested users and people working on it.
  • 20:00 UTCProject Lightning Talks – You are involved in a great project and want to introduce it to the world? Talk to Nigel “nigelb” Babu about it. He’ll make sure you get 5 minutes to do just that! Awesome!

Every session is worth attending! Today will be great! 😀


One response to “Ubuntu Developer Week: Summary Day 4 – Outlook Day 5”

  1. AF says :

    I am reading with great dismay that Microsoft is in talks with Canonical to include their Hyper-V code in Ubuntu.

    The main reason I left the Microsoft world was for the stability, ease of use, and friendliness of the Linux community. I personally don’t want to see any type of code in our community coming from Redmond.

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