Ubuntu Developer Week: Summary Day 3 – Outlook Day 4

Ubuntu Developer Week
I just added the logs of Day 3 of Ubuntu Developer Week to the schedule and was again blown away about how diverse and interesting the day was! If you couldn’t make it there, make sure you read the logs. Loads of good information that bring you up to speed on translations, the kernel, dotdee, LAVA and upstart. Here’s what happened in detail:

  • Getting Translations Quicker into Launchpad: Upstream Imports Sharing
    – David Planella kicked off day 3 by giving an interesting session about translations in Ubuntu, Launchpad and how upstream fits into the picture. He explained in detail what message sharing is, what the benefits are and how to enable it for a package/project you’re interested in. To get the latest translations goodness, make sure you check out the log.
  • Debugging the Kernel – John Johansen was up next and talked about the Ubuntu Kernel, how to build it, how to bisect, and the general work flow of the Ubuntu Kernel Team. What was particularly useful was not only to get a first-hand look on how it all works and which commands to run, but also to get all the links to additional information on the topic.
  • dotdee – break a flat file into dynamically assembled snippets – dotdee helps you switch flat configuration files or simple scripts to a more dynamic setup, where new bits can be put into separate files in a .d/ directory. Dustin Kirkland did a good job of explaining how it works and you can best make use of it. This will hopefully give everyone more flexibility and make management of tools and services much much easier.
  • Introduction to LAVA – Zygmunt Krynicki was up next and talked about the project he is currently working on: LAVA. It’s used within Linaro to organise and manage the huge efforts around QA and certification. In a world with lots of changing code and different configurations it’s important to maintain an overview, get clever reporting and understand what changed where. If you’re interested in using this for your project, go and have a chat with Zygmunt and read the log.
  • Introduction to Upstart – Mark Russel took the last slot of the day and talked with great energy about Upstart. How Upstart works, how to make use of it, and talked us in great detail through a live example. Well done, Markus!

Great! Isn’t it? Here’s what’s happening today, on day 4:

  • 16:00 UTC: From idea to app in no time with QML – Olivier Tilloy will start the day and talk about QML and how it’s a fantastic approach to writing cool desktop apps.
  • 17:00 UTCDeploy your App to the cloud, Writing Ensemble formulas 101 – Ahmed Kamal, your friendly cloud expert, will do no less than explain how Ensemble makes deploying services a trivial matter.
  • 18:00 UTC: Fixing common ARM build failures We are all excited about more and more ARM devices running Ubuntu. One man who makes this happen is Jani Monoses. He will use an hour to talk about how to fix common build failures on ARM, so you know how to fix them in the future.
  • 19:00 UTCnux – visual rendering in UIs made easyJay Taoko is one of thepeople behind nux, a library to make visual rendering in UIs a lot easier. Using OpenGL and Cairo you can have fancy graphics without the pain.
  • 20:00 UTC: Java library packaging with maven-debian-helper According to James Page Java library packaging is a whole lot easier than it used to be. It’s actually quite fun. If you’re into Java, make sure you’re there!

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