Ubuntu Developer Week: Summary Day 1 – Outlook Day 2

Ubuntu Developer Week
Yesterday was the first day of Ubuntu Developer Week and what a kick-off it was! At times we had around 300 people in there and the amount of interaction was just fantastic. As always: if you didn’t have the time or couldn’t make it there, we put up logs on the UDW timetable. Let’s go through yesterday’s sessions one by one:

  • Getting Started with Ubuntu Development: It was my turn to hold the first session at UDW and luckily it was a double session. I just reviewed the log of the session and realised that I had answered 56 questions. We covered the big picture overview of Ubuntu, how it’s developed, what to pay attention to and managed to set up our development environments together. It was a bit hectic, but I had loads of fun!
  • Ubuntu Desktop Q&A: When we announced this, we said there would be “Ubuntu Desktop engineers” – well, it turned out that Sébastien “seb128” Bacher single-handedly ran the session and did a great job explaining what’s planned for the Oneiric Desktop, why and how the Desktop team works.
  • Packaging Mono for the greater good: Jo Shields was up next and talked us through Packaging Mono. I’m glad he took the time to talk everybody through the very basics of Debian/Ubuntu packaging first and then pointed out how packaging Mono is special. I hope a lot of people got interested and will help Jo and the Debian/Ubuntu Mono team moving forward.
  • Python packaging with dh7 and dh_python{2,3}: Barry Warsaw had the last session of the day and explained what state-of-the-art Python packaging looks like. Debhelper 7 and the new dh_python makes this a lot easier and there’s still a lot to be done to bring our existing packages up to the newest standard. (Talk to Barry to find out how to help!)

Not bad for day 1, eh? Let’s see what day 2 brings:

  • 16:00 UTC: Getting started with merging packages from Debian – Our first session of today will be led by Bhavani Shankar who will show you how to do merges from Debian. In case Ubuntu changes are not applicable in Debian, we have to make sure tha tour changes are integrated into updates from Debian. As a package maintainer this is  your”bread-and-butter”.
  • 17:00 UTC: Porting from pygtk to gobject introspection – Martin Pitt will be up next and show how to port Python GTK applications to the new state of the art: gobject introspection. If you want to polish up old code and make it use the newest technology make sure you’re there!
  • 18:00 UTC: Working with bugs reported by apport – apport is our automatic bug reporting tool which adds loads of useful information so we don’t get involved in the usual ping-pong of bug triage questions. Brian Murray has triaged thousands of bugs already and will share his secrets, so you get more productive working with bugs.
  • 19:00 UTC: Fixing obvious bugs in Launchpad – Deryck Hodge has been working on Launchpad for a few years now and knows how to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted when submitting merge proposals for Launchpad. If you ever found yourself saying “This should be fixed in Launchpad – I know it won’t be hard” this session is for you.
  • 20:00 UTC: DEX – how cross-community collaboration works – Nathan Handler has been part of the Ubuntu community for years now and knows how important it is to collaborate with Debian, our primary upstream project. DEX is a new initiative that wants to bring Debian and its derivatives closer to each other. The good thing is: it’s entirely about being active and actively working on things. Be sure to check out the session and get involved!

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  1. arasbmras says :

    That is strange. I dont understand why this outdated post just showed up in my feed reader. I am looking forward to the next Ubuntu Developer Week though. Is it known when its going to be?

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