Coming up: Ubuntu Developer Week – Day 1

Ubuntu Developer Week

Today is the start of another fantastic Ubuntu Developer Week. What this means for you? It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved in Ubuntu Development, to learn a lot and make friends.

All of the sessions are intended to give you more insight into how the Ubuntu Developer teams work, what’s going on in the development of Ubuntu 11.10 and what you can do to contribute to the efforts. All the sessions are one hour long, happen on IRC, you can ask questions and we will keep logs of the sessions, so if you can’t attend, you can still see what happened.

Joining in is quite easy. We hope to see you there. And please let your friends know about this as well! We want to see as many new people as possible. 🙂

So let’s have a quick look at the schedule and see what’s happening today:

  1. 16:00 UTC: Getting Started with Ubuntu development: Daniel Holbach will kick off Day 1 and give you a quick introduction to Ubuntu development. We will talk about the bits and pieces that form Ubuntu, how they’re put together and who all is involved in this, and why. In the second part of the session we will set up a development environment and have a look at a package or two.
  2. 18:00 UTC: Ubuntu Desktop Q&A: We will have members of the Desktop Team there, so whatever question you bring will be answered there. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know the team and find out how to help out there.
  3. 19:00 UTC: Packaging Mono for the greater good: Jo Shields has done huge amounts of Mono packaging already and will take you for a ride: Mono packaging got easier and easier over the years and Jo will show you how it’s done.
  4. 20:00 UTC: Python packaging with dh7 and dh_python{2,3}: Barry Warsaw has a long history of involvement in the Python world and that’s why he’s in a good position to tell you about state-of-the-art Python packaging.

As you can easily see from the lineup above: today is going to be heavy on the packaging side of Ubuntu development, which is a lot of fun and the bread and butter of Ubuntu development.

We hope to see you there later on. Join in, learn more, make friends and have fun!

3 responses to “Coming up: Ubuntu Developer Week – Day 1”

  1. Wilbur Naike says :

    Esta interesante pero muy tarde me di cuenta de de esto, aunque el horario no es de agrado. En fin en lo posible asisto 🙂

  2. Srinivas Gowda says :

    Awesome News !!!!!!

  3. Daviana Zenebe says :

    Great Open News in Z Open Source!!!

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